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Harvey L. Johnson Publication Award

Award Information

The Harvey L. Johnson Publication Awards 2018 to be presented at the SCOLAS Congress in New Orleans.

Eligible categories: 1. A scholarly monograph (single author work) or other book-length publication relating to any topic on Latin America or U. S. Hispanics; 2. an article relating to any topic on Latin America or U. S. Hispanics. 

Author eligibility: Authors must have been members of SCOLAS for at least three consecutive years prior to the award.

Publishing requirements: Nominated works must have been published or accepted for publication within three years preceding the close of the award year (the previous calendar year). Nominations may be made by members of SCOLAS to the chair of the committee. No other nomination will be considered.

Copies and deadlines: The nominee must provide three copies of the book or article to the committee by no later than: 20 December 2018 (postmark). The deadline and the number of copies is absolute. Failure to meet the deadline or to send the requisite number of copies will disqualify the entry for the year’s competition.

Nominations and copies should be addressed to:

Mary Fanelli Ayala
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Eastern New Mexico University
1500 S Ave K
Portales, NM 88130

Phone: (575) 562-2421